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CEO Message

Dear respected customers

By the grace of Almighty ALLAH who is beneficent and ever merciful. It is indeed a great pleasure for me that we have established a state of the art veterinary pharmaceutical industry in south Punjab region. It is one of the leading pharmaceutical industry which is producing a wide range of poultry and livestock products.

All praise to Almighty Allah who bestowed upon me His blessings in the form of vision and wisdom, courage, and resources to reshape my company proudly matching to the international standards. Our quality control laboratory and production area are equipped with the latest gadgets and equipment which produces drugs according to the latest methods and research. 

The RAS pharma has gained excellence in producing quality veterinary products we are intended to develop the drugs which are reliable and affordable for our customers and that provide a solution for all kind of diseases related to poultry and livestock.

I am honored and glad that our industry has achieved new dimensions and horizons in the pharmaceutical industry. I offer my gratitude to our valued customers for having immense confidence in our industry which boosts our morale to produce more quality products. I am highly thankful to my team and colleagues, for their continuous hard work and devotion made the success possible.

Last but not least, I give my special thanks to the respected veterinarians who always support us in moving forward by showing their faith in our products. 

Mr. Muhammad Ayoub Anjum

Chief Executive Officer 

RAS Pharmaceuticals

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