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GENTIC-10% Injection

General Injection Liquid


Each ml contains
Gentamycin (as Sulphate)                              100mg
(USP) Specifications)
Gentic-10% is an Aminoglycoside antibiotic active against Gram-positive & Gram-negative bacteria, especially against multi-resistant Gram negative organisms like Pseudomonas. E.coli. Klebsiella and Staphylococci. Gentic 10% is used for infectious blood poisoning, skin and wound infections, respiratory tract, urinary tract and gastro intestinal tract infections.
Intramuscular, Subcutaneous or intravenous twice a day for 3-5 days.
Cattle, Horses                  5ml/120Kg B. W.
Sheep, Goat                      1-2ml/16Kg B. W.
Poultry                               0.1 ml/2Kg B. W.
Withdrawal Period:

Meat : 5 weeks
Consult veterinarian before use. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from light.

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