RAS Pharmaceutical | LITHARGEX (Oral Powder)
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LITHARGEX (Oral Powder)

Growth Promoter, Livestock products

Each 1000gm contains:
Propionic Acid Calcium                  250g
Propionic Acid Sodium                   400g
Acetanilide                                       150g
Maganesium Oxide                          125g
Iron Sulphate                                    400mg

Zinc Sulphate                                    100mg
Magnesium Sulphate                        200mg
Copper Sulphate                               450mg
Cobalt Sulphate                                 400mg
Sodium Molybdate                            100mg
Sodium Chloride                                20g
(As per Innovator’s Specification)

Lithargex Oral Powder is indicated for the normalisation of forestomach indigestion in primary and secondary digestive disturbances in the ruminants, assisting the stimulation of normal ruminal activity following ruminatory ketosis. Treatment of alimentary disturbances and disorders of rumen digestion, indigestion due to course of diseases connected with fever, feed intoxications in connection with diarrhoea, acetonemia in cattle.
Lithargex Oral Powder should be mixed with a convenient Quantity of water and administered as a drench.
Adult Cattle, Camels: 100gm

Sheep, Goats: 25gm.
Dosage may be repeated after 24 hours if required.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.
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