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ONEVIT Oral Powder

Multivitamins, Poultry Products, Powder Products

Each 100g contains

Oxytetracycline HCLI           10g
NeOMYCIN Sulphate            10g
VITAMIN A                             75000IU
VITAMIN D3                           50000IU
VITAMIN E                              0.25g
VITAMIN B1                            0.1g
VITAMIN B2                            0.12g
VITAMIN B6                             0.12g
VITAMIN B12                           750mcg
VITAMIN C                               1g
Calcium Pantothenate            0.75g
FOLIC ACID                              0.030g
Nicotinic Acid                          0.15g
DL-Methionine                        3g
L-LYSING                                 5g
(As per Innovator’s Specifications)


Protects cell membranes from oxidation (antioxidant activity). L-Lysine is a necessary building block for all protein in the body. Embryoxlic development and reproduction. Regulates the concentration of calcium and phosphate. In the cell it converts glutamate in proteins to gamma carboxyglutamate. Prime factor in blood clotting phenomenon. Folic acid is especially important in aiding rapid cell division and growth.

Dosage and Administration:

PREVENTION: 1gm/4 liter of drinking water for 3 to 5 days.

TREATMENT: 1gm/2 liter of drinking water for 3 to 5 days.


Store in cool & dry place. Protect from light. Keep away from the reach of children.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.
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