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RADEK Oral Powder

Multivitamins, Poultry Products, Powder Products

Each 100g Powder Contains
Vitamin A                                    2 MIU
Vitamin D3                                  0.2MIU
Vitamin E                                    600 mg
Vitamin K3                                  500 mg
(As per Innovator’s Specifications)

Vitamin A: Protection and Regeneration of Skin & mucosae, Growth fertility, Antibody production, Synthesis of visual rhodopsin, Regulation of Carbohydrate, Protein and fat metabolism.
Vitamin D: Regulation of calcium & phosphorous metabolism, absorption from intestine and also from renal Excretion. Improves the quality of egg shell.
Vitamin E: Regulation of carbohydrate muscle metabolism and glycogen balance. Development of Gonads function, Prevent hepatic Necrosis. It is power full Antioxidant agent.
Vitamin K: Used in protein synthesis, Coagulation of blood by Prothrombin formation.

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