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Each 100g contains:
Ammonium Chloride                                 45gm
Magnesium Sulphate                                25gm
Sodium Sulphate                                       25gm
Sorbitol                                                       5.0gm
(As per Innovator’s Specifications)

SORBITON powder is effective in nephritis caused by gumboro mycotoxins, hydro, drug toxicity & I.B.H.It eliminates toxic substances from liver and kidney. It regulates the function of excretory & hepatic system.It helps in utilizing yolk in chicks.It is best for flushing due to its strong diuretic action. It is compatible with all types of drugs right from day old & upto slaughter Last but not the least it is most decisive treatment against hepato nephrotic disorders.

Dosage and Administration:
1-2gm Sorbiton Powder per liter for 2 to 3 days.

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