RAS Pharmaceutical | STAIVINE 5% (Oral Solution)
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STAIVINE 5% (Oral Solution)

Liquid Products, Poultry Products


Each 100 ml Contain:

Bromhexine HCL                                     5 gm

(As per Innovator`s Specification)


Staivine 5% Oral Liquid is indicated as an effective expectorant in the the treatment of respiratory tract diseases associated with retention of of mucoid secretions such as bronchitis. It is also used as ancillary therapy in the treatment of bronchopneumonia in horses, Cattle, Dogs, Cats and Poultry as well as for the treatment of aspiration of amniotic fluid in newborn animals.


Poultry: 1ml Staivine 5% Oral Liquid per 5-7 liters of drinking water for 3-5 days.
Cattle: 1ml Staivine 5% Oral Liquid per 100kg body weight for 5-7 days.
Horses: 1-2.5ml Staivine 5% Oral Liquid per 500kg body weight for 5-7 days.
Dogs & Cats: 0.5ml Staivine 5% Oral Liquid per 50kg body weight for 5-7 days.


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